Air Optix Aqua

Air Optix Aqua
3 months supply - 3 pairs - £29.00
6 months supply - 6 pairs - £50.00
12 months supply - 12 pairs - £95.00

Comfort All Day and Every Day:
Cibavision's Air Optix Aqua is the latest in silicone hydrogel innovation - bringing you lasting all day comfort with advanced moisture and breathability.

The Optix Aqua Moisture System...
Air Optix Aqua contains a special moisture agent, that helps bind the lens on initial contact. The material itself helps minimize de-hydration during the day and an exceptionally smooth surface helps maximize the wettability and retention of moisture.

Wear for up to 6 days and nights...
These Air Optix Aqua contact lenses may be worn at night for up to 6 nights (but only if you have previously checked with your eye care practitioner).

Upgrade from your old Air Optix... These contact lenses are a no-fit upgrade from Cibavision Air Optix. This mean you can order the upgrade online without having to go back to your optician for a new fitting.