Air Optix Aqua Multifocal

Air Optix Aqua Multifocal
3 Months supply - 3 pairs - £43.75
6 Months supply - 6 pairs - £83.75
12 Months supply - 12 pairs - £159.75

Air Optix is a revolutionary brand of multifocal contact lenses, designed to improve your vision throughout daily activity! Enhancing your sight in real life situations, Air Optix Aqua multifocal contact lenses provide smooth transition from close-up to distant vision, making daily activities such as texting, computer use, reading magazines and restaurant menus a breeze!

Multifocal contact lenses for healthier eyes.

Air Optix Aqua multifocal contact lenses enable you to experience less eye strain and fatigue. The state of the art, breathable contact lenses are made with a revolutionary Silicone Hydrogel technology, transmitting up to five times more oxygen to your eyes than traditional multifocal lenses, leaving you with whiter, healthier looking eyes.

Air Optix AQUA moisture system The Air Optix AQUA moisture system provides lasting comfort for your contact lenses, all day, every day. Providing a subtle transition out of single vision lenses, the LO ADD optimises near and intermediate vision without compromising distance vision. This leaves you with fresh, un-strained eyes throughout the day.